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how can you think about a question if you are part of the question
@qinxi 来请你思考一下问题本身

“我用不上的 都是垃圾”

“我用不上的 都是垃圾” 这只会显得你自己是____
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回复了 snake8090 创建的主题 问与答 为什么一提到编程语言中文化,就有那么多人反对呢?
我对于这事的逻辑比较简单,只要 Python 不禁掉 utf-8 编码支持,那么中文编程就永远有人去做;不仅是中文编程有人去做,还有日语编程、韩语编程、俄语编程;你爱咋想咋想,爱怎么自己回避就怎么会回避、爱让其自生自灭就让其自生自灭,但是如果你把这些人杀了那么你要去坐牢、如果你把 Python,如果你用你的自由发言表达来促使它灭亡,那么别人可以自由发言说 诶 “用英文还用出优越感来了”

Python 社区于 2019 年 2 月选出的五人指导委员会:

Barry Warsaw
Brett Cannon
Carol Willing
Guido van Rossum
Nick Coghlan

他们没有将 “仅允许基本拉丁字母编程” 放入 python 语言特性,那么,我觉得,是有一定道理的

另外,看看 中蟒

載入 系統
文件名 = 系統.參數[1:]

定義 修正行尾(文件):
內文 = 打開(文件名).讀入()
內文 = 內文.替換('\n\r','\n')
傳回 內文

取 文件 自 文件名:
寫 修正行尾(文件)


Based on non-English languages

Aheui; 아희 – An esoteric programming language similar to Befunge but using Hangul (Korean)[4]
AMMORIA – Open source object oriented Arabic programming language, designed especially for Arabs.[5]
Аналитик – A Russian-based language for symbolic manipulations with algebraic expressions used in the Soviet series of MIR computers.[6]
Эль-76 – A Russian-based language for symbolic manipulations with algebraic expressions used in the Soviet series of МВК Эльбрус computers.[7]
ARLOGO – The first open-source Arabic programming language, based on the UCB Logo interpreter.
AxumLight / Geez# – Amharic-based programming languages on the .NET platform[8]
丙正正 – Chinese C++.
BAIK – C with Indonesian keywords[9]
BASICOIS - BASIC with French keywords[10]
Bato – A scripting language based on the Filipino language (Tagalog). The first Filipino programming language.
Changjo – A language using Hangul (Korean). It is used for multimedia and game programming.
ChaScript – A scripting language based on Bengali and is first of its kind. It is built using ECMAscript grammar.[11][12]
Chinese BASIC – Chinese-localized BASIC dialects based on Applesoft BASIC; for Taiwanese Apple II clones and the Multitech Microprofessor II.
Chinese Python – a version of Python localized to Chinese.[13]
Dolittle, ドリトル – A Japanese programming language developed for educational purposes.[14]
DRAKON — A visual language in which any language may be used.
Drama [nl] – An assembly language for didactical purposes based on Dutch.
Dzintars – Ruby translated into Latvian; claims to be the first Latvian programming language.
Easy Programming Language (易语言) – A Chinese rapid application development language.
Ebda3 – A multi-paradigm high-level Arabic programming language.
Enkelt – A programming language that uses a Swedish syntax.
எழில், Ezhil programming language – A Tamil programming language developed for educational purposes.[15]
farsinet – A Persian (Farsi, فارسی, پارسی) object-oriented programming language for .NET framework. It is similar to C# and Delphi.
Fjölnir – An Icelandic imperative programming language of the 1980s.
FOCAL – Keywords were originally in English, but DEC produced versions of FOCAL in several European languages.
4th Dimension – On local versions, its internal language uses French or German keywords.
G-Portugol – A programming language with Portuguese keywords.[16]
GarGar – A Spanish procedural programming language based on Pascal for learning purposes.[17]
ΓΛΩΣΣΑ – A Greek programming language based on Pascal that is used for teaching purposes in secondary education.[18]
GOTO++ – A French esoteric programming language loosely based on French and English.[19]
ひまわり (プログラミング言語) [ja] ひまわり – Sunflower, a Japanese programming language.[20] It is used for hobby and business applications.
Hindawi Programming System – A set of variants of C, C++, lex, yacc, assembly, BASIC, Logo and Ada, in Bengali, Gujarati and Hindi.
Hindi Programming Language – A Hindi programming language for the .NET Framework.[21]
hForth – A Forth system with an optional Korean keyword set.[22]
Jeem ج – An Arabic programming language, based on C++ with simple graphics implementation.[1]
kalimat – An Arabic programming language that aims to help Arab children learn about programming.
Karel – An educational programming language with Czech and Slovak versions.
Kotodama on Squeak, ことだま on Squeak – A Japanese programming language based on Squeak for educational purposes.[23]
Kumir [ru] – A Russian-based programming language similar to Pascal and IDE, mainly intended for educational usage in schools. The name is an acronym, which means Комплект ученический 'Мир' ('Mir' student's environment).
Latino – A language with a completely Spanish-based syntax ( https://github.com/primitivorm/latino).
Linotte – A French programming language.
Logo – In one of its Apple II editions, it was available in French. LOGO for the Commodore 64 had an Italian localization.
Loughaty (MyProLang) – A general-purpose natural Arabic programming language based on a proprietary syntax.[24]
Lusus – A Latin programming language. It is the first programming language to be exclusively in Latin.[25]
LSE (Language Symbolique d'Enseignement) – a French, pedagogical, programming language designed in the 1970s at the École Supérieure d'Électricité. A kind of BASIC, but with procedures, functions, and local variables, like in Pascal.
Mama – An educational programming language and development environment, designed to help young students start programming by building 3D animations and games. It is currently available in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Chinese.
Mind – A Japanese programming language.[26] It is used for hobby and business applications.
MS Word and MS Excel – Their macro languages used to be localized in non-English languages.
ML4 – A language for client/server database programming, with keywords in English or German.[27]
Nadesiko, なでしこ – A Japanese programming language.[28][29]
1C:Enterprise – A Russian framework and language for business applications. English keywords can also be used.
Pauscal [es] – A language with a completely Spanish-based syntax; compiler for 32-bit Windows.
Lingua::Romana::Perligata – Alternative Syntax for Perl 5 that allows programming in Latin.
Phoenix – A C-like high-level imperative procedural Arabic programming language.[30]
potigol – A functional programming language in Portuguese for beginners.
PSeInt – A pseudocode interpreter for Spanish, like Pauscal, with a completely Spanish-based syntax. PSeInt is an abbreviation for Pseudocode Interpreter.
قلب (qlb) – An Arabic Scheme-like programming language exploring the role of human culture in coding.[31]
Qriollo – An impure strict functional programming language that compiles to C, Python and JVM Bytecode, with keywords in Rioplatense Spanish, spoken in Buenos Aires.[32]
Produire, プロデル – An object-oriented Japanese programming language.[33] It is used for hobby and business applications.
Rapira – A Russian-based interpreted procedural programming language with strong dynamic type system.
Robik [ru] – A simple Russian-based programming language for teaching basics of programming to children.
RoboMind – An educational programming language available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
SAKO – A language created in the 1950s and nicknamed the "Polish Fortran".
Scratch – An introductory visual programming language from MIT's Media Lab with support for programming in multiple languages included as standard.
Sema – An Arabic CSS implementation.[34]
Sí – A direct translation pseudo-language for coding in C and C++ with Spanish keywords.[35]
Simorgh (SPL) سیمرغ – An object-oriented, general-purpose, interpreted and precompiled, portable and open-source programming language.
Ssiat – A language using Hangul (Korean). The name Ssiat (씨앗) means "seed" in Korean.
Swaram – A simple, general-purpose and procedural language designed for programming in Tamil.[36]
Superlogo – A Dutch creation for computer-aided instruction, based on Logo.
TamliLogo – A Hebrew implementation of Logo.
TECO - The programming language used to drive the actions of the TECO text editor. The MIT dialect of this language was used to program early versions of Emacs before its 1985 rewrite in Emacs Lisp.
TI-Calculator BASIC – The 68000 version is localized. Unfortunately, various configuration strings are localized too, preventing direct binary compatibility.
TTSneo[2] – A Japanese programming language. It is used for hobby applications.
VisuAlg – A language designed to teach programming, in Portuguese, based in Pascal.
W-Language – A French programming language used in the WinDev CASE Tool. A Chinese version[37] is also available.
YMB (Yazyk mashin buchgalterskih) – ЯМБ (язык машин бухгалтерских) (machine language for accounting) – A Russian programming language for Iskra-554, Iskra-555, and Neva computers.
Yorlang – A Yorùbá programming language built on top of Node.js.[38]
ZhPy – A full-featured Python module which converts Chinese keywords, variables, and parameters.

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回复了 snake8090 创建的主题 问与答 为什么一提到编程语言中文化,就有那么多人反对呢?

来,你 NB 请你填个词 @qinxi
15 小时 54 分钟前
回复了 Jie0zero 创建的主题 职场话题 普通二本科班毕业一年的前端,还要不要考研?
去考网络工程师,在网络工程这一行工作到 50 岁的时候来感谢我

把有风险的事让给别人去做,有风险的钱 给别人去赚

我之前的文章,可以见得我的发言,未必无懈可击,至少是经过思考的。你应该去思考什么是你认为的 “万般皆下品 唯有 xx 高”

我认为 (我的) 思考结果在(我) 50 岁的时候依然会(对我)有效
16 小时 2 分钟前
回复了 snake8090 创建的主题 问与答 为什么一提到编程语言中文化,就有那么多人反对呢?
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回复了 lyshine 创建的主题 问与答 科目二过了, 开心炸了. 真的要炸了
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